Central Equipment Rentals Limited provides the following garbage/waste handling solutions:

  • Commercial Waste Handling
  • Specialized Waste Handling
  • Garbage Collection & Disposal

Specialised Waste
Central Equipment Rentals Limited handles the collection and disposal of ‘special’ waste as defined by The Solid Waste Management Company Limited (SWMCOL).

Dumpsters and Compactors
We have over 150 skip and hook loading bins in circulation, with an ever growing fleet of sealed stationary hydraulic compactors.

Sealed Stationary Hydraulic Compactors
Our sealed compactors are placed on the customer ‘s premises. The customer can then store their waste and operate the compactor when it is necessary. This equipment is designed for compactable material only. Leakage is prevented since the compactor is sealed, leaving the premises clean and odour free. Our main customer base for these units is:

  • Restaurants
  • Supermarkets
  • Offshore platforms
  • Shopping Malls
  • Generators of bulky or large quantities of compactable material.

The use of the sealed stationary compactors provides a level of convenience along with cost and time savings to the customer.

Open Top 10 to 20 Cubic Yard Containers
These have proven to be very diverse products, being used for construction/demolition waste to port and shipping waste, facilitating both compactable and non-compactable material.

3 Cubic Yard Bins
Our smaller 3 cubic yard bin is ideal for smaller operations such as office buildings generating lighter waste paper, food and other day to day compactable waste.

For the production type companies we supply a hopper which is placed at the specified location and once full, it is then transported by a forklift to a larger container where its contents are ‘tipped’. The hopper is normally used in areas where space is restricted but where compactable and non-compactable waste is generated, such as paper, iron filings, glass, etc.